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Affiliate Marketing Tutorial For Beginners (Easy $5,000/Month)

hey john cristana here and i’m going to be giving you an affiliate marketing tutorial  for beginners if you just don’t know what niche to start selling products in i’ve made  tens of millions of dollars selling products as an affiliate marketer you don’t need any  inventory to get started you don’t need any money to get started and anybody can do this it’s  very simple and i’m gonna go over exactly how to decide where to start in affiliate marketing if  you’re just a complete beginner novice and have no idea where to get started let’s get into it  john chrystana here affiliate marketer making tens and tens and tens and hundreds of thousands of  dollars every single month doing this since 2012. it’s a great way to make a lot of money online  especially if you have zero capital and zero skills to start with now i’m going to be  giving you a little bit of a tutorial of what niche to start in if you’re just kind of just  completely green a total noob with two zeros in it and let’s get right into this now the first  piece of advice i’d give you having made tens of millions of dollars is actually to start with a  mass market niche now a lot of folks in affiliate marketing start with some sort of make money niche  but there are many other niches other than that keep in mind almost everything is bought over  the internet now i mean 2020 has been a turning point people are buying more products than ever  through the internet as opposed to in real world and you could be a part of that and make some of  that money in all of that transactions that are floating around now the big three niches  in affiliate marketing are health wealth and relationships now i have a product called the  super affiliate system which you can make money with and uh through the clickbank or the digi  store affiliate networks and that’s in the wealth niche right but health and relationships are  even bigger health is probably the biggest niche of them all because most people actually aren’t  concerned with necessarily making more money most people tend to be fairly comfortable with  their incomes and they just want to look better or they want to feel better or they want to be  skinnier or more beautiful and those kind of fall under the health niche right fitness weight loss  beauty all kind of fit under that general headline then you have relationships which  is probably the thing that people care most about and there are a lot of products out there where  people can you know learn how to be better in relationships also about dating websites which is  a very very large niche online and it’s always bad and what’s great about health wealth and  relationships is these are niches which are always going to be around these are problems that people  always are going to want to have solved people are always for the next hundred years for the next  thousand years for a thousand years in the past will need to be and desire to be in relationships  people for thousands of years and for thousands of years moving forward have desire to look better  and be healthier until we get uploaded into like a computer program like elon musk is trying to do  with his neural link people are still gonna need to be healthy and look good and for thousands of  years and for thousands of years moving forward people are going to need to be able to produce  money or some sort of currency whatever that is to sustain their lives so ultimately these are  niches that are not going to go away i suggest you start off in them because there always is going to  be this need for them so you know that if you are promoting something to help people make more money  to help people be healthier or to help people get in relationships or be in better relationships  that really you’re marketing to a problem that is important and if you can’t sell products in  that niche then it’s not that people don’t need what you have to sell it’s that you’re marketing  it wrong so you can eliminate that variable right away now one of the things i do in my own business  is uh this is something i learned from uh david rusenko the co-founder of weebly is you always  want to optimize your business to minimize unknown unknowns there are four quadrants there are no  knowns unknown knowns known unknowns and unknown unknowns and as much as you can optimize for  the unknown unknowns and you know that you aren’t going to have a problem selling products in either  of these three monster niches as long as you go into one of them now the second tip i have for you  is to interact with the audience in your niche before you start marketing it so before you start  your youtube channel where you’re talking about how people can make money or before you start  your instagram where you’re motivating people to get fit or before you start your pinterest  where you’re displaying images or advice of how to get in better relationships or to get on more  dates interact with that audience talk to people again many marketers tend to be introverts many  people become marketers and affiliate marketers in particular because they don’t want to actually  talk to people they just want to make money online and type in that’s me if you are an introvert and  you just don’t want to talk to people and make money online that’s why you’re doing this but i’m  telling you the most valuable data and the best way to get good at marketing and selling to these  folks is to actually talk to them and hear their pain points in person hear what their problems are  of why they believe they’re not making any money hear why they don’t believe they’re getting in  the right relationships talk to them and hear what’s holding them back from sticking to their  diet or their fitness programs and you’ll get very valuable information that you can use and talk to  your audience on a very personal one-to-one level in order to help them succeed and that in line  will help you build your audience on instagram youtube facebook or help you do your advertising  on the same sorts of networks now i’m a constant question asker in fact it actually annoys a number  of people by the amount of questions i ask because i’m always drilling down to get information i’m  always asking people about their lives what they believe is holding them back and i try to do it  in as non-invasive way as possible but this gives me an advantage over other folks that just scroll  on their facebook news feed looking at what their friends are saying and living in a bubble again i  keep expanding my bubble i keep expanding my circle of influence all the time and you know i’m  teaching people how to make money so i’m always asking people about their side hustles about  what they’re doing what’s holding them back why they don’t believe they are where they think they  should be and a very personal one-to-one understanding of how to sell products in my  particular niche which is called make money online so i’ve niched down within the wealth niche to  online money but there are a number of other niches such as real estate money stock trading  money mlm money etc and my third piece of advice would be to give away some sort of free report or  white paper or guide or calendar whatever it is to help people in your particular niche  many marketers go into any of these niches and just try to push affiliate products and remain  undifferentiated and it’s very easy to become just another marketer in a particular niche but you can  differentiate yourself by giving away some sort of report or guide or step by step or you know video  or calendar that is jam packed with value that will attract people to you for example let’s say  you want to sell products in the sleep niche right helping people sleep good which is falls under the  overall banner of the health niche what you could do is you could give away a calendar that helps  people chart their sleep or you could give away a free ebook that goes over advice on how to help  people get better sleep and in this ebook or in this calendar or guide or whatever you want  to call it you could have links multiple affiliate offers that help people get better sleep there are  a lot of sleep related products on amazon there’s a ring that you can wear there’s apps you can buy  there are pillows there are mattresses there are all sorts of bed sheets that are supposedly help  you get better sleep there’s essential oils that help people get better sleep there’s supplements  that help people get better sleep and what you can advise in your guide or ebook or calendar  is you could have links to all of these products every step of the way so that you can make money  from a dozen sleep related products and you could do this through amazon’s affiliate program just to  give an example now if you’ve created a good guide that people draw value from and people are relying  on they’ll buy from your links now just like pewdiepie which is a popular video gaming youtuber  has a number of affiliate links to the chair he sits in and the headset he wears and the  games he plays in his video description you could also start a youtube channel and just  talk about sleep related activities and let that be your free value and then put affiliate links  underneath your description and check out one of pewdiepie’s videos and you’ll see affiliate  links you’ll see how he does affiliate marketing i hope you got some value from this and check out my  other videos if you want more in-depth or step-by-step information on affiliate marketing  i also encourage you to subscribe to the channel hit the notification button and join my community  on discord i have a lot of good content on there thousands of people are in the community and  i encourage you to be one of our members it’s all free have a good day talk to you soon and  remember i give away thousands and thousands of dollars every single month to my subscribers who  have their notifications enabled so you can just see you know tons of gift cards i scratch these  live and then i show you the winnings you know whoever basically enters in the gift card codes  first uh gets the money so enable notifications subscribe and talk to you soon have a good day  uh within the first few exercises i did the exercises immediately and i got immediate sales  and i just couldn’t believe it and i just made my first commissions pretty freaking crazy because i  had no clue what i was doing hi i’m shalindia and i just made my first online commission  how does it get any better than that i’m truly grateful for this program and i look forward to  learning whatever it is that i need to know in order to create what is a brand new  in business involvement for me so thank you so much for making this available to everyone and i  just want to take a moment say i’m so grateful for me for choosing this by me choosing this  allows me to create a reality that is completely different from the one i have at the moment

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