Affiliate Products

Affiliate Products

Affiliate marketing is still viable, but maybe it’s time to up the ante.  In my own case, I won’t even buy an affiliate product unless the seller has included a ton of “bonuses”, or if I use my own affiliate link to buy at a discount.  Most of the good bonuses I could put together, but it would take me hours and hours to find all of the free videos and pdfs.  It’s cheaper and more productive to buy from a competitor.  Knowledge is better than one commission.


What I need to do is continue to market affiliate products that I use, and at the same time, write a series of ebooks/kindle books to create my own unique authority.  I won’t list them here.  I don’t want to destroy the mojo.  I will only write books that will help me – and I hope others – to live their remaining years to the fullest.  Walk the walk.  No fake it ‘til you make it.


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