Article Directories

Article Directories

Directories to post to include:


I personally find hubpages a pain in the ass, but they have decent PageRank.  I miss Squidoo, which hubpages bought.


Another good strategy is to find at least 5 websites in your niche, and find a way to get published on these sites.  Each site will have it’s own requirements. If possible, you can also comment on their posts and see if they automatically link to your site.


Guest posting on blogs has also been degraded due to abuse by marketers.


Remember:  Marketers Ruin Everything


Spun articles were shuffled over hundreds of irrelevant sites.  If you choose to guest post or guest blog, make it a relevant article on a relevant site.


The path to the first page of the organic SERPs is writing original content, post it online, stay away for unnatural linking schemes, get a few relevant, high-value links, and get the ranking you deserve.  As to links, more is not better. Quality is.


But it all starts with the Daily PDF on any topic that interests you.


Just remember, not every site where you can post your content from your pdf is equal.  If you post on low quality sites, your article will likely not be found and indexed. Sorry, but that’s the facts.  What you want to do is link your articles together naturally, and let the search engines have what they say they want. 


What you want to do is let your Daily PDFs flood the Internet with valuable content that links back to you.  The other upside of the Daily PDF is as a vehicle to learn anything you want to learn in health, wealth, and relationships to improve your own life.  If you find the information valuable in your own life, chances are others will value it as well.


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