CloudOnly Affiliate Marketing

CloudOnly Affiliate Marketing

Cloud Only Affiliate Marketing

Reasons for setting up this site:
1. Anyone who is out of work, underemployed, or needs additional income without a second job can use affiliate marketing immediately.
2. If you want, you can start and work totally free if you have access to a computer connected to the Internet.
3. For affiliate marketers, you can do all of your marketing and promotion in the cloud – writing, blogs, recording video, podcasts, advertising – most of it free.
4. Chrome is the ideal browser to make this happen.
5. A Chromebook is the tool to take Chrome OS to the pinnacle of affiliate marketing.

If you are locked into Windows or Mac, the Chromebook is you choice for a backup computer.

Here is the way I go about setting up:

1. Choose a username you would like to use as a domain name: “commanderchrome”
2. If few people at the various sites are using that name, and the .com domain is free, create a Know’em account with that username.
3. If you don’t have a hosting account, I recommend going to and buying the domain name first. Once you have the domain name, they will show you cheaper options for hosting.
4. Once your domain is set up, create at least one email address to use for your business. You want to use this all over the Internet. “”
5. Use this new email as often as possible. Use others to sign up for newsletters and anything else that can be turned into junk.
6. Set up your WordPress blog.
7. Choose a theme.
8. Manage settings.
9. Create a privacy page.
10. Create a disclaimer page.
11. Add a footer.

“Cloud only” does not mean free only.

You want to start free if you are a newbie or novice, But for as little as $13 (1&1) you can get a domain name and unlimited disk space and bandwidth for a year.

The second year will cost more, but if you don’t make any money that first year, you can just cancel the service. You could also transfer the domain somewhere else (reseller account), but it’s better to just make money and let the site pay for itself.

Start with an article. For our purposes, I’m going to create an initial article about the Google Chromebook and Chrome OS. For affiliate marketing, it is the one tool that will make your life easier.

Write your first post.

For your main domain, only use original content.

Article Spinning:

When I switched to Chromebook, I moved to Content Professor PRO as my content spinner of choice. It’s not free – about $10/month for the pro version, but you can start with their free version.

I have my way of doing this that’s a bit different.

Title spin template.

Article body spin.

Bio spin.

~ Chaz


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