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Direct Response Marketing | Brian Kurtz & Andy Drish

Direct Response Marketing | Brian Kurtz & Andy Drish
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Brian Kurtz is the Executive Vice President of Boardroom Inc. His company is responsible for over 1.3 billion pieces of direct response marketing mail. In this interview Brian and host Andy Drish discuss how to get started in direct response marketing through the lens of direct mail marketing and offline marketing.

Direct marketing solves a problem for the customer. It solves specific problems of the prospect by educating and providing specific solutions. It’s also affordable. You are not trying to build awareness in the mind of the consumer but to solve a problem now and make a sale. I think of something like Blu Blocker sunglasses. Millions have been sold, originally through direct marketing ads in newspapers and magazines. Direct mail ads have to be excellent, and can be measured instantly. Did you make more money than the ad costs?

Brian recommends 3 great books on getting started in direct response copywriting and a strategy for “stealing smart” from other smart entrepreneurs who already have great direct response marketing campaigns.

And before you write direct mail off Brian has used it to earn his company well over $400 million dollars in sales through copywriting and database marketing. Also, the top web entrepreneurs such as Ramit Sethi and Marie Forleo use direct response marketing as a cornerstone of their 7+ figure business.

This interview provides a great start for anyone starting a business, a startup, or just wants to grow their existing business. So, pay attention to these masters of direct response marketing, direct mail, copywriting, and email marketing.

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