Evergreen Topics

Evergreen Topics

Evergreen Topics

Every day people have to face new pains. It might be disease, or divorce, or loss of a job. No one escapes unscathed.

Even if you wanted to write small ebooks about only one topic, let’s say affiliate marketing, in 90 days you would have over 180,000 words broken down into minute topics. Chances are you would have the definitive body of work on the topic.

If you choose, you can combine your ebooks into one book for the traditional publishing world, edit the original work by about half, tighten up the text, and create a masterpiece.

What I like most about it is learning something new every day. As I learn how to keep my blood sugar under control naturally, or how to build and sell mobile apps, or how to approach and wow the best looking women in the world, I put what I learn in place using myself as the petri dish.


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