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Seven Dot Three Sixty Five


  1. I’ve been getting away from my morning pages.  I am back at McDonald’s on Beach, but most of my homeless pals have scattered.  I think we’ve had too much rain, and coming here by bicycle is not a good idea.


I’ve been slow on the uptick.  Corbett is out of the house for 3 days, so now I can get some shit cleaned up.


Over the past 3 months, I lost 2 pounds, yet my belly seems bigger and softer.  I fear I’m losing muscle mass.  I can barely do 5 pushups, and my Planet Fitness membership goes largely unused.


For rainy days, I have to exercise at home.  Stretching.  Planks.  Calisthenics.  More.


One benefit of no TV is I haven’t missed much.  My mother and her caregiver have Fox News on all day, at least until Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy come on.  It’s amazing how many hours of talking head time are spent on trivial political issues.


“A recent poll published in U.S. News and World Report now shows Oprah Winfrey as the clear winner in 2020. Beating President Trump by 13%.”



Not out of the question.  But Stansberry says it will be someone even more radical.


Most Americans also don’t realize that Millennials (who hold nearly 65% of this debt) are now our country’s largest generation, outnumbering Boomers.


  1. Why solopreneur?  It’s a term that has fallen in prestige over the years as millennials seek out safe spaces and meaningful jobs.


Sorry people, but that’s what we all are under the surface.  A job is a means to an end.  You take it on to make money or solve a problem, but we are not our job.  Nothing wrong with taking a job to take care of your family and pay the bills, but it’s not you.


A solopreneur is an old school chief cook and bottle washer.  (Reminds me of Boy Scouts.)  You have to take on all the aspects of owning and operating a business from accounting to HR to actually doing the work of your business.


Why now?


It has never been easier at any time in human history to learn all of the tasks related to going it alone.  The Internet and related technology has changed everything.  You have app after app that can handle about any business task, or you can find cheap outsourcers around the world to take care of any task for you.


Before I discuss the downside of doing it alone, let me cover the upside:



  • In the big scheme of life, you are only responsible for yourself.  You may take action to benefit your friends and family, your church, or even your country, but that is just to make yourself feel better.  You die alone.
  • You can’t solve the world’s problems, but you can take a shot at solving your own.
  • Work your own schedule.  I tend to work in bursts of two to four hours when I can scratch them out of a busy life.  Eight hours a day is the Industrial Revolution exploiting workers for a maximum amount of time to keep them alive and prevent revolution.  Work 16 hours today and take tomorrow off if you want.
  • Until you are able to hire, automate, or outsource, you get to do all the grunt work.  Pro and con.  I believe you should know every aspect of your online business so you can know what to stop doing and give to someone else.
  • You begin to realize that employees are a burden, and that you can take care of 99% of the tasks you can’t or don’t want to do with automation and outsourcing.
  • You get to do work worth doing and in harmony with your nature.
  • If you have made a mistake, and are traveling down a wrong or unprofitable path, pivot.  You are only accountable to you.  Not shareholders, stakeholders, board members, employees, or investors.
  • Your schedule is your own.  I do most of my writing before 7 a.m.  I have obligated to help my 89 year old mother when the health care workers are not here, so I grab early morning hours when no one is making demands.
  • When you need a break, you take one.  No one “gives” you 30 minutes for lunch or a 15 minute break when they say you should take it.  If you are like me, you may put your head down for 2 – 4 hours at a pop when concentrating on a problem or writing.  Why be constrained by someone else’s artificial schedule?
  • When work is a struggle, you have to option to take a walk, visit the gym, or seek out nap time.  We all need more exercise and sleep.  Why not put them to use?
  • Not only is your schedule your own, your workplace is your own.  My office is at home, at the public library, at Barnes and Noble, or at Starbucks.  In fact, my 30 liter daypack contains my entire office.  All I need is a wifi connection.  There is no need in this 2017 world to rent office space to run your anytime, anywhere business.
  • Having your own business allows you to take advantage of those stupid downtimes in life, like visiting the DMV or waiting for a doctor.  You can now put that time to use on your mobile devices promoting your blog or website.
  • I find working in a public setting to be less distracting than to be at home.  It’s easier to focus on the task that needs to be done next.
  • You are responsible for your own success.  This is a big pro and con.  It’s a con because if you fall short and get discouraged, you have no one to blame but yourself.  But then again, if you shine, no boss or co-worker can seize credit for your work.
  • I believe all work should contribute to your life theme.  You envision where you want to go and how you want to live.  As an employee, you are depleting your life energy serving the vision of others.
  • For better or worse, every day is a new adventure.  High risk.  High rewards.



  1. You Won’t Believe Introvert Boomer Male Reboot


IBM* Restart

(*Introvert Boomer Male)


As an Introvert Boomer Male, I don’t feel mature, and I don’t feel like my entire life is over. I’m just mystified. 


When did I decide to relax?


Why did we not learn from the Stoics, the Greeks, or the Code of Bushido, how to live a healthy and worthy life?.


Leave it to semi-frauds like Napoleon Hill to make you feel like a failure if you can’t think and grow rich. As a general rule, self-help pablum tends to make us all feel like failures when we can’t move in some self-anointed guru’s path. 

Perhaps more than once.


Irregardless of how hard you try to remain positive, negative thoughts defeat your sense of happiness and self-esteem. Fear wells up in my thoughts when I contemplate taking on a new undertaking. How much time do I have left? What if I choose the wrong path?


Chatter in my mind makes it challenging to scrutinize my life. I want to compare my lot in life to others I have known. I’ve had some superb jobs. And I’ve settled for shitty jobs when I needed the money. But I have yet to live the life I secretly desire.


Most of us value the opinions of others over our own. Your point of view is as least as important as that of others. Value it.


No one is perfect. We all move through life the best way we can. Mistakes are inevitable.


To know an IBM is the first step to enlightenment. Especially if you know yourself. Ideas are a dime a dozen. Walking the walk is the challenge. We don’t know how much time any of us has on Earth. Time is of the essence.


We’re IBMs dammit. We’re not done yet. Or dead either.

I don’t know where feelings of uncertainty and low self-worth crept in. No fears. Start at the beginning. I can only share what I learn and test – on myself. 


Only you can decide if these approaches will work for you. For whatever reason, we see our own problems as unmanageable. Given enough time and information, we can solve almost any problem.


Everyone has their own set of unique problems. Focus on solutions.


Actions you can take to reclaim your integrity and self-esteem:


  1. Reboot your life style, or life theme, and start living the life you want.


  1. Overcome fears that you are choosing the inappropriate path or that you are too old to make effective changes.


  1. Trust your gut. Take action.


  1. Face fears of being rejected and insecurity and squash them once and for all.


  1. Comparisons to others are counter-productive. And detrimental. Stop. 


  1. Stuck? Think like an iphone and jailbreak. Do things no one thinks you can do.


  1. Learn from the Stoics and take one action at a time.


  1. Fix your personal relationships. Drop friends and acquaintances who drain your energy. Run from women who are sucking your soul and finances dry.


This article and upcoming reports and ebooks are created to move you away from ground zero and on to the life you are entitled to. The road to healing and reboot is a fantastic path, and I welcome the company and accountability.


Chaz Lamm


If you are an introvert, male, and born between 1946 1964, you are certainly one of us. Join us at


  1. Myths About Standing Desk Benefits

Standing desks (or switching between standing and sitting) can certainly remedy a large number of health and work problems.

  1. Discomfort in the region between the penis and rectum when sitting is most often associated with irritation of the prostate, or prostatitis. Problems such as infection, an underlying medical condition, or pinched nerve might possibly cause this type of pain. A stand-up desk might help relieve some of the pain.


  1. Extended sitting, maybe even by individuals who workout on a everyday basis, heightens the threat for cancer. Standing up all throughout the day can get your circulation moving and decreases inflammation and other markers that raise cancer risk.


  1. Being seated for too long can damage your heart, pancreas, digestion system, and brain. Leg disorders can incorporate varicose veins, blood clots, weak bones, and osteoporosis. In addition, sitting for long durations can certainly lead to posture problems, such as strained neck, sore shoulders, back issues, and an increased risk of bulging disks, muscle degeneration, and hip problems.


  1. Advocates of standing desks point to research showing that after a meal, blood sugar levels return to normal quicker on days an individual spends a great deal more time standing. As a type II diabetic, I try and find every little bit of help I can get.


  1. Back pain is one of the most common grievances of office workers who sit all day long. To establish if standing desks could make improvements to this, a number of research studies have been done on personnel with deep-rooted back pain. A great number of subjects have noted improvement in lower back pain after a number of weeks using sit-stand desks.


  1. Sit-stand desks look to have a positive effect on overall well-being. In one study, subjects using standing desks noticed less stress and tiredness than those who remained seated the total work day. These discoveries align with broader investigation on sitting and mental health, which connects stationary time with an higher risk of both depression and anxiety.


  1. The saying “thinking on your feet” looks to have some psychological merit. An International Journal of Environmental and Public Health also found that standing desk use can noticeably boost cognitive skills like memory, focus, and problem solving.


  1. Because of the reduced risk of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer, a number of medical studies have discovered strong correlations between the amount of time any individual spends sitting, and his or her chance of dying within a given period of time.


The point is that if you sit all day, it’s unhealthy. Like most things in life, moderation is the key. Switch between standing and sitting throughout the day, sitting for a half hour, then standing for an hour or so. Be cautious not to overdo it. 

I’m still up in the air about the negative effects of sitting, but a standing desk even part of the time is useful.

For a full range of standing, stand-up, and sit-stand desks, and accessories at the most affordable costs, check out:

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  1. Lies We Believe


All of our ideas about identity, culture, religion, nationality, and beliefs about the world are merely mental constructs we choose to believe.  Opinions.  Like assholes, everyone has one, and most of them stink.


We are far less rational than we think.


We take these beliefs and construct rules to live by.  We create these rules to comport with our understanding of the universe and to make life easier.  Our minds create thousands of rules we know we should follow.


For example, one rule that was imbedded in my brain was that I would go to college and earn a degree to guarantee success in life.  A high school diploma meant nothing.  School did not end until at least a B.A. degree, and maybe even graduate or law school.


The value of those degrees are fading fast.  You still hear people talk about how college graduates earn more than high school graduates, but dropouts like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg are the richest people in the country.


Marriage is another of those concepts we may need to question.  Society tells us we should marry a person within a certain religion and a defined age range.  Maybe even the same race.


I violated all of these rules and have 3 divorces to prove it.  I’m not good at being married.  Married folks demand rules be followed that you never would agree to before you say “I do”.


“The greatest restrictions upon many people are those imposed by marriage and

family problems.” 

~ Harry Browne

How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World


No argument here.


What Harry advocated was relationships without marriage (although he did marry again before his death).  Marriage gets the state and church involved in what should be an agreement between two sovereign individuals.


He suggested that people get together for common interests and don’t force the other to compromise.


If I like football, and she likes opera, I won’t expect her fanny in the stadium seat if she doesn’t expect me to be there when the fat lady sings.

Religion and government puts out hundreds of rules and “shoulds” for married couples.  You should have children.  You should attend church and turn those children over to us for religious indoctrination.


You can’t get married without the permission of the state.  You can’t get divorced without permission of the state.  Who is really in charge of your marriage?


Another rule pushed by society is that you must work hard to succeed in life.  I don’t know about you, but some of the laziest people I know seem pretty happy.


So many of us work like dogs to buy stuff we don’t need to impress people we don’t like.


I think of boat owners.  Every young man thinks about buying a boat.  My friends will be impressed.  And boats in Key Biscayne are definitely pussy magnets.  


But, it is said that the two happiest days of a boat owners life are the day he buys a boat and the day he sells it.   Notice I didn’t say she.  Women are too smart for all of that expense and work.


Why do we buy into this bullshit?


It starts when we are children.  We are dependent on our parents, teachers, and ministers for every thought and belief.


“Do it because I say so.”

“Do it because that’s the way it is.”

“Do it because God wants it that way.”


If you resist, you pay a price.  As a child, you suffer.


But it’s time as adults that we no longer bow to these “authority” figures.  We want to belong, which makes us susceptible to everything from mainstream media bashing to giving in to fear-based politics.


Taken to the extreme, this need for belonging is what makes people join cults.  Cults are a form of groupthink leading to blind tribalism.  


Social proof to back up these lies can come through advertising, especially television advertising.  As a major part of my current Gong, I am abstaining from TV for 100 days.


  1. For you and me, we need to work on the theme.  Your life’s theme.  All that matters is, “What do I need to do next?”  Traditional goals like annual plans or New Year’s Resolution are not only useless but counterproductive.  Why set yourself up for failure the way your company, boss, parent, teacher, or spouse has done your whole life.


  1. Copyright is dead.  Or close to it.  If you are a writer, expect your work to be copied, used, stolen, and abused.  I have even had attorneys steal my article word for word off Ezinearticles and publish it on their site with their copyright notice.