Two Dot Three Sixty Five

Two Dot Three Sixty Five

Walkabout Solopreneur is the framework for putting my health, wealth, and relationship vision in place on the path to iPT.

A perpetual traveler is the person I most enjoy being.  But the path is made up of hundreds of small choices I make every day.

But first, the 2 non-negotiables:

  1. Eat a whole-food, low-fat, plant-based, vegan diet with minimal non-processed grains and potatoes.  Eat soup and salad until the blood sugar is under control, then add in rice, corn, oatmeal, sweet potatoes, and potatoes.
  2. Write 1x spun article per day of original content.  This will take 4 to 6 hours. Or on bad days, 12 hours.  Promote throughout my various 2.0 web properties.

365 is the number of days I am giving myself for big goals like having a full-time online income and setting sail for China or the Ukraine.  China may be out of the picture for a while.  The trouble with timelines is that most people turn them into pressurized straight jackets.

One thing I don’t want to be in the IBM* stage of life is my own worst boss ever.

The 3,000 words is a bitch, but I know I can do it when I push.  And I only have to do it for 99 days to be able to put together 10+ ebooks to be sold on Clickbank or published on Kindle.

Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting is one good way to control my blood sugar and fight diabetes.  I have to test and consider not eating any meals until my 3,000 words are done. That could involve some longer term fasting, but it won’t kill me.

I get a little worried when something like IF. becomes a popular trend.

The newest diet trend is NOT eating – Intermittent Fasting. In reality, I prefer to do a water fast over 3 to 7 days instead of daily IF, but they are not mutually exclusive. 

It makes sense given that our ancestors went through long periods of not eating while searching for food, as well as periods of feasting when food was plentiful.

Our bodies were not adapted to three meals a day, 7 days a week, with readily available food. So it makes biological sense to skip a meal or two every now and again.

Taking a break from eating has proven health benefits including slowing down aging, increasing Human Growth Hormone for muscle growth, increasing insulin sensitivity, and overall fat burning.  I use it to fight diabetes.

IF has been shown to help fight cancer, disease, diabetes, and other serious diseases.

IF benefits can extend to:

  • asthma
  • allergies
  • infectious diseases
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • osteoarthritis
  • Tourette’s syndrome
  • cardiac arrhythmia
  • hot flashes from hormonal fluctuations
  • multiple sclerosis
  • atherosclerosis
  • Alzheimer’s 

and more.

Researchers have also found that IF reduces the risk of degenerative brain diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia, and even helps improve recovery from strokes. Fasting may protect neurons against various forms of damaging stress.

The point of intermittent fasting is that the periods of food deprivation allow your body to rest, renew and regenerate.

Periodic fasting increases longevity. Caloric restriction through fasting also helps to turn on genes that repair DNA and cells.

Fasting also ramps up autophagy, a kind of garbage-disposal system in cells which gets rid of damaged cells, including ones connected to Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and other neurological diseases.

Intermittent fasting can be a powerful tool to maximize health.  However, it’s important to carefully weigh the overall effects. Intermittent fasting can last for a period of hours or even days, but generally entails a period of 12-24 hours. 

Dennis Prager talks about eating only during a 4 to 6 hour window each day.  As you can see, it does not always lead to weight loss. Prager is a consummate meat eater and very religious Jew.  Vegan diet might help him, but it will never happen.

Most of us may already be fasting from dinner time to breakfast, but by skipping breakfast, you are fasting provided you only drink black coffee, tea or water.

Hence – breakfast – Break Fast.

One of the easiest ways to incorporate IF into your routine is to just skip breakfast. Ignore the old saying of “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”.  I think this was just a way to get factory workers to stoke up in the morning before owners set out to work them to death.

I got upper and lower partials some months ago.  I struggle to keep them in longer each day. I don’t like using them while eating unless I am at a restaurant.  This could be a positive if I fast until my 3,000 words are done. I have no reason not to have my teeth in while just drinking coffee.

That said, if I stick to real food, essentially a full-time Daniel Fast, and my blood sugar and A1C does not come under control, I must have a shot pancreas.  I hope insulin injections are not in my future.

My expenses are low, but I need to use my debit card for everything possible and check it daily.  My total living costs will come to about $10 a day for food and gas, with a few hundred each month for other things that pop up.  I need to focus on building up the corporation and having it purchase Cleo’s car and medical insurance.



Ho’oponopono is about cleaning your mind.  I don’t know if it really works, but it doesn’t hurt.  But cleaning has to be about more than that. I need to clean my personal physical space as well, starting with my desk.

I do begin each day by making the bed, but that’s easy, because I sleep on top of it.

My system works better when I wake up early in the morning.  Today I slept until 4:10 am, which is a little past the 3:33 I shoot for, but it’s still okay.

While I don’t require myself to go to the gym each day, I will go as many days as possible.  As I begin to go ascetic, I will shave and shower in the gym as many days as possible to shift those household expenses to Planet Fitness.

According to Sir Richard Branson, working out first thing in the morning makes one more productive – up to 4 hours a day more productive.  And who can argue with his results over the decades?

I feel it already.  I am only lifting light weights at this point, but I begin the day with 30+ minutes on the treadmill.  Walking in Florida is better done outdoors, especially at Jax Beach. Nothing like sunshine to get that vitamin D.  But the treadmill is valuable because it helps straighten my back and improve posture.

One thing I used to do was multitask on walks.  That needs to be returned to my treadmill time instead of just watching Sports Center or news on the big screens.

I like to combine walking with ho’oponopono and deep breathing.  I find my mind and lungs are living off shallow breathing. Buck up.

That said, Planet Fitness should be a part of every perpetual traveler’s life.  For $22 (tax included), you have the gym and massage tables and a fantastic locker room to get right with the world.  Even homeless people with bank accounts should make this their place to clean up and wash out some clothes.

Cleaning will require that I scan all of my old notebooks while taking notes before shredding.  Also, I will scan and box up any old black and white photos I have from Peace Corps days.  At some point, I want to buy a scanner for my old slides and do the same for those.

Cleaning won’t stop here.  I am going to break down and super clean the entire house and yard over 99 days.  That includes the kitchen, garage, her bedroom, the Florida room, and carpets.

When it comes to watching TV, I have to decide what to do.  I don’t want any more primary goals over the 99 days, but I do want to cut down on television.  I need to limit it to live sports and recorded shows that I can binge watch late at night before going to bed.

Another trick to help finish the 3,000 words each day is to not watch any TV or YouTube videos until the day’s work is done.  Combine that with fasting and I should get up to 1,000 words an hour by the end of the month.



Cleaning will begin with removing clutter.  Much can be given to the Salvation Army. Much can be trashed.  I will begin by getting my own house in order.

I’m not sure why humans hold onto so much junk.

When I was young, my brother and I shared a room.  In it was a large desk I believe my father had built.  The top drawer was what we called the junk drawer. We tossed in every coin and crappy knick knack that didn’t really belong somewhere else.

Some experts claim clutter causes stress for a number of reasons:

  1. Clutter bombards our brains with constant stimuli (visual, olfactory), causing our senses to work overtime on things that aren’t important.
  2. Clutter constantly signals our brains that work is never done.
  3. Clutter creates feelings of guilt and embarrassment over not being clean and organized.
  4. Clutter inhibits creativity and productivity by invading open spaces that allow most people to think and brainstorm.
  5. Clutter distracts us by taking our attention away from what our life focuses on.
  6. Clutter prevents us from locating what we need quickly.
  7. Clutter makes it more difficult to relax, both physically and mentally.

It’s a constant battle for me.


Myths About Standing Desk Benefits

Standing desks (or switching between standing and sitting) can certainly remedy a large number of health and work problems.

  1. Discomfort in the region between the penis and rectum when sitting is most often associated with irritation of the prostate, or prostatitis. Problems such as infection, an underlying medical condition, or pinched nerve might possibly cause this type of pain. A stand-up desk might help relieve some of the pain.


  1. Extended sitting, maybe even by individuals who workout on a everyday basis, heightens the threat for cancer. Standing up all throughout the day can get your circulation moving and decreases inflammation and other markers that raise cancer risk.


  1. Being seated for too long can damage your heart, pancreas, digestion system, and brain. Leg disorders can incorporate varicose veins, blood clots, weak bones, and osteoporosis. In addition, sitting for long durations can certainly lead to posture problems, such as strained neck, sore shoulders, back issues, and an increased risk of bulging disks, muscle degeneration, and hip problems.


  1. Advocates of standing desks point to research showing that after a meal, blood sugar levels return to normal quicker on days an individual spends a great deal more time standing. As a type II diabetic, I try and find every little bit of help I can get.


  1. Back pain is one of the most common grievance of office workers who sit all day long. To establish if standing desks could make improvements to this, a number of research studies have been done on personnel with deep-rooted back pain. A great number subjects have noted improvement in lower back pain after a number of weeks using sit-stand desks.


  1. Sit-stand desks look to have a positive effect on overall well-being. In one study, subjects using standing desks noticed less stress and tiredness than those who remained seated the total work day. These discoveries align with broader investigation on sitting and mental health, which connects stationary time with an higher risk of both depression and anxiety.
  1. The saying “thinking on your feet” looks to have some psychological merit. An International Journal of Environmental and Public Health also found that standing desk use can noticeably boost cognitive skills like memory, focus, and problem solving.


  1. Because of the reduced risk of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer, a number of medical studies have discovered strong correlations between the amount of time any individual spends sitting, and his or her chance of dying within a given period of time.


The point is that if you sit all day, it’s unhealthy. Like most things in life, moderation is the key. Switch between standing and sitting throughout the day, sitting for a half hour, then standing for an hour or so. Be cautious not to overdo it.


I’m still up in the air about the negative effects of sitting, but a standing desk even part of the time is useful.

For a full range of standing, stand-up, and sit-stand desks, and accessories at the most affordable costs, check out:

and purchase via Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and more.

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Mail Order Brides: Safeguard Yourself

Why IBMs Need MOBs

  1. The concept of mail order brides is one that has been around for decades but with the advancement of the Internet the term has become outdated. While the name may not be entirely accurate any longer, it is still a practise that is around today and offers a great number of benefits to certain individuals looking for a wife. 


  1. Countless numbers of mind blowing women around the world think – god knows exactly why – that you are a remarkable catch.


  1. Women from SE Asia are far more easy going and nonjudgmental. Females from the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam are simple and less sophisticated than in Russia, Europe, China and even America. To many Western guys, this attitude is very refreshing and comfortable to be around. SE Asian girls are not high strung, uptight, or easily offended, so you don’t feel like you’re walking on eggshells around them.


  1. They generally treat men better and appreciate them. They admire and respect men, and they seek relationships with men, rather than resist them. Men feel more relaxed around foreign women because they are authentic, down-to-earth, and not so defensive or paranoid.


  1. When American males date foreign women, for the first time in their lives, they feel valued and appreciated for what they are. This is something guys seldom experience in America, where virtually everyone is insecure and trying to mask it. This is the essence of true confidence – feeling appreciated and accepted for what you are, not the pseudo fake confidence.


  1. They are raised with good family values. They tend to have healthier relationships with their families, not the hate and disdain for their fathers that is common with American women. They will also have better values toward their own family as well, which makes them better marriage material. So if you are looking for a family, foreign women will make better wives.


  1. They are marriage-minded with traditional values. Many American men state they are looking for old fashioned values in a spouse. There are many foreign cultures with traditional values where many women are still marriage-minded, such as China, Latin America, Philippines, Russia, and Ukraine. They dream of having a husband and family. They seek fulfillment in finding a good man, and provide love, support and companionship to their partner, which makes them good marriage material.
  1. Russian women are very respectful of their men, doing their best to make sure their husband is happy in every way. The Russian culture is different, and women usually dress in very feminine, pretty clothing. It’s important to them that they look very nice, and most Russian women would not be caught wearing jeans or sweatpants and an old t-shirt.
  1. They are more tolerant of age differences. In certain cultures such as Russia, Ukraine, Latin America, and SE Asia, women do not mind big age differences with their partner. In fact, some actually see older men as more mature and financially stable, and therefore more trustworthy and better husband material. This is good news for older men seeking foreign partners.
  1. Most people think that foreign brides are desperate women who want nothing more than to marry an American to get the hell out of her home country and start a new life. But this is almost always incorrect. Countries like Russia have a man shortage making finding a suitable husband difficult.


  1. Foreign women are generally more down-to-earth, authentic, and natural in personality and attitude. You do not need any artificial “game” or PUA techniques to meet or date them. All you have to do is be yourself, as long as you are sincere, decent, down-to-earth, kind and especially charming. Deep down, every normal male prefers women who are feminine and down-to-earth.


  1. They still believe in old fashioned romance. Foreign women are not jaded toward romance. They still have a certain purity and innocence within their hearts and spirits that is open to “love” the old fashioned way – which has become lost with Western women. It’s easier to handle even if like me, you are romance impaired.


  1. Mail order women seek excitement and a new family in a new environment and the mail order system helps them fulfill this desire.


  1. At least two types of “international marriage agencies” exist. The first type sells female contact information and encourages men and women to correspond prior to meeting. Correspondence of this type will drain your bank account and is not recommended, and will likely lead to your being scammed.


  1. The second type offers group “romance tours” for men who want to travel around a foreign country and meet hundreds of women at social events organized by the agency. If you have never been to that country before, it can be a good introduction while leaving the logistics to others.


  1. Women abroad face their own risks. Being a mail order bride can be very dangerous. There are at least four famous cases of American men brutally murdering their mail order brides.


  1. Scams pop up every now and then, but most legitimate websites offer exclusive members who prove to be great individuals helping men settle down and have happy marriages. Not all mail order women are con artists.


  1. Mail order brides provide a great way to meet people with whom you have a genuine connection and who can provide you with some warm and loving companionship. Anyone who has been alone for a long period of time will appreciate sharing your life and home with someone in a romantic relationship. You can create memories together, build a life, and share special moments.


  1. Before any contact with the women, you can eliminate any inappropriate choices by age, beauty, marital status, children, and any other number of factors. A major advantage of better agencies over the plethora of online dating websites you can find on the Internet, is that every profile is verified and authentic.


  1. If you wonder why many of these ladies are so beautiful but still seeking, it is usually because, despite their beauty, they have had bad luck in love. They sign up to the site looking for a sincere and faithful man.
  1. Before you begin any communication, know typical scams to avoid. 


  1. The one scam that cannot be prevented anywhere in the world is a woman sleeping with you, faking an entire relationship, and then taking all your money and stomping on your heart. True anywhere at home or abroad.


  1. FATCA is making it difficult for Americans to open bank accounts or do business abroad. A foreign wife could be a good way to do business anywhere in the world.


  1. I believe the future for many IBMs will be as “mail order husbands”. Restrictions on our financial freedoms, the high cost of health care, and the need for low cost personal assistants in our old age make retiring with a new bride in another country a near utopia.


A mail order bride can be the wife you’ve always been looking for. She can be submissive and have your happiness as her main focus, but she can also be out for your money or looking to escape her current life. Go in with eyes wide open.